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Jul 25, 2020

Eric Jackson has been a fixture on the New England airwaves for almost five decades. In addition to be ing an award winning announcer and producer, Eric holds the title of Dean of Boston Jazz Radio.

He is currently part-time Professor of African-American Studies on the faculty in the College of Social Sciences and...

Jul 15, 2020

Join me as I talk with Liz Atherton who is a veteran of the talent business with more than 30 years experience as the founder of one the top talent agencies in the industry, as well as an enthusiastic and passionate Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of which will be launching in the Fall of 2020.

She'll share...

Jul 8, 2020

19 Stories is about ordinary men and women doing the extraordinary in the everyday; their will to live, press-on & press-through this climate of fear and move into a future filled with hope.

On Episode One, I welcome Jen Keefe who is a wife, mother, home-school teacher and blogger and an award winning Voiceover Talent