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May 24, 2022

The voice of the guest joining me today may sound very familiar to you and for good cause. For over the past three decades he’s been in your ears one way or another, whether you’ve been watching television or listening to the radio, chances are you’ve heard Thom Pinto’s voice. He’s been using his dulcet tones in everything from the introspective storyteller for Audi,  an “everyman” for  AT&T U-Verse,  a whimsical poet on Clorox and a fun-loving retro announcer for Fuze Tea. As a narrator he is a familiar voice on cable documentaries and series that air on the History Channel,  Discovery,  The Weather Channel,  CBS All Access and the Smithsonian Channel. 

Since 2007, Tom’s been a promo voice for CBS This Morning, 48 Hours, and the CBS Evening News.  He has also been the signature promo voice in my neck of the woods for KRON TV/San Francisco since 1995.

Thom is also a revered coach to hundreds of working voice actors in Los Angeles, San Francisco and across the country through the VO Roadshow. He shares the secrets of his success and love of voice acting through his “Colors of Your Voice” coaching technique that he crafted to bring out the specific emotion needed for each project, and steer clear of generic performances.  

Given he is the only one I know that can give Spam sex appeal, its’ safe to say that he’s mastered what he preaches. 

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