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Mar 26, 2022

My guest Veronica Barrera is a fellow podcaster and Native American and Spanish voice actor who originally hails from Saginaw, Michigan and now calls Los Angeles, CA her home.  

She graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, with a degree in Industrial Design. In addition to heading her own Company, she has worked with numerous brands such as TRW Automotive,designed custom jewelry for Chrome Hearts, worked on consumer goods, toys, lighting and a gorgeous bar stool design for Vela Bar, among others.  Veronica has also tutored and held faculty positions at both the College of Creative Studies and Otis College of Art & design. 

In addition to her design work, Veronica has worked in voiceover for the past eight years voicing projects for Toy Commercials, kids e-learning, animation, audio books and anime.

For three years she worked at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles where she observed numerous productions that helped her to hone her craft.  Veronica's hidden talent is having memorized some of her favorite raps from the ever-popular musical ‘Hamiliton’.

In Spring of 2019, she launched her podcast ‘Voice acting with Veronica Barrera’ where she interviews voice actors, casting directors, engineers, singers, demo producers, writers and the who’s who within the field of voiceover.

I asked Veronica to take time out of her schedule talking to others about their stories for her to talk to me about hers!

If you'd like to contact Veronica regarding her voice work, industrial design skills or her podcast, you may do so via the following:

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