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Mar 15, 2022

My guest Crystal Lee is a powerhouse of energy, light and positivity.  

For over 20 years she has traveled the world serving our country in the US military. First as a Technical Sergeant with the Defense Information Systems Agency and culminating her military career in April 2020 as a Network Systems Architect with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

As a child, Crystal loved acting, singing, and creating characters.  Her mother, who is Filipino and her father, who is of German/English descent, had encouraged and nurtured her creativity from an early age and so she resumed her love of performing and voice work to, in her words, “inspire people throughout the world to follow their dreams through storytelling, make-believe, visualization, and magic!”

During her time in the service, Crystal utilized her voice acting talents while participating in field exercises and deployments.  Her voice’s unique qualities rendered it invaluable when used to authenticate section callsigns and code-words. She also starred in multiple Armed Forces Network radio and television spots, did some modeling and Hawaiian/Tahitian/Belly dancing as creative outlets from the rigidity of military life.  

After she retired, she did a short stint as a government contractor, then a government civilian and quickly realized that between the office politics and her unfulfilled feelings that it was time to leave government work altogether. 

After doing so, she says her life opened up to a whirlwind of possibilities and it was time to create her own reality.  

Crystal is now a voice actor specializing in voice-over for animation, commercials, and industrials, the Founder and CEO of Crystal J Productions, a service-disabled veteran, Belly Dancing nerd, and magical being, Crystal is an amalgamation of beauty, integrity, discipline, creativity, and quirkiness. Obviously the industry thinks so as well given her commercial demo was nominated for a SOVAS Award in 2021.

To reach Crystal directly, you may do so via the following:

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Instagram: @crystaljproductions

Facebook: @crystaljproductions

Twitter: @CrystalMLee_VO

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